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European Daily Market Review 23.03.20

European markets are into a mixed path today. The German DAX soared 0.04%, while the British FTSE-100 and the...

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trading signal

What is a Trading Signal?

A trading signal is a trigger or a suggestion for action, either to...

A Definitive Guide to Chart Patterns

We list 13 of the most used forex trading chart patterns...
Fibonacci Levels in the Elliott Waves Theory

A Definitive Guide to the Elliott Wave Theory

If there’s one trading theory that fascinates investors, it’s the Elliott Wave Theory...

Things You Should Know About Forex Trading

How difficult is it to make money trading the Forex market? How much...
leonardo fibonacci

Leonardo Fibonacci and Forex Trading

Forex traders widely use something called Fibonacci ratios. These ratios are just a...

Forex Trading Beats the Stock Market

Companies issue stocks to raise capital for expansion, equipment and other projects. Stocks...

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FX Week Ahead: Live Market Analysis | HYCM

Get ready for the trading week ahead with HYCM's weekly webinar session, where you will be looking at the upcoming FX Week...
Giles Coghlan investmentpips

Online Trading Workshop: Level Up with HYCM

It’s time to level up your trading skills with HYCM. Our workshops give you the opportunity to learn directly from an industry...

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