European Daily Market Review 13.1.20

European markets are into a mixed path.

The British FTSE-100 inclined 0.12%, while the German DAX fell 0.38%, while the French CAC-40 dropped 0.23%.

The stock of Renault sunk to six-year bottom this morning as investors worried the French automaker’s 20-year cost-sharing alliance with Nissan could mark a break-up without Carlos Ghosn to hold it together.

In fact, Renault shares slipped 3.2%, which is the biggest loser on the French index.

Deliveries of Volkswagen’s (VOWG_p.DE) Skoda Auto partly declined slightly in 2019 to 1.24 million vehicles, from 1.25 million in 2018. This comes mainly from low sales in China. In reality, Skoda deliveries in the country tumbled by 17.3%.

The UK’s economy rallied only just 0.1% in the last quarter ending in November, as reported by the Office for National Statistics.

Growth was partly higher in September and October than previously thought, but declined 0.3% in November.

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