The USD Falls The Most Since 2016

The USD fell the most from a record high, coming from its worst retreat in more than four years.

Moreover, the Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index dropped almost 2% by California Governor Gavin Newsom ordering all of the state’s 40 million residents to go into home isolation.

Presently, the Euro trades at 1.0739, which is a rise of $0.00489 or 0.46% from the previous close of $1.06910.

The daily range is from $1.0652 to 1.0831, while the trading volume is 1.058M.

Furthermore, the Federal Reserve launched temporary liquidity-swap lines with nine additional central banks, including Australia’s and South Korea’s, to ease the dash for USD.

As a matter of fact, the USD gauge sunk from a peak mark after it advanced more than 8% during the last week.