U.S. Daily Market Review 17.03.20

U.S. stocks partly recovered today, with markets attempting to rebound a day after the Dow Jones Industrial Average logged a 3,000-point loss amid fears that the coronavirus pandemic could last longer than expected in the U.S.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average started higher, then tacked lower, briefly dipping below the key 20,000 thresholds.

The Dow was trading about 520 points, 2.6%, higher, near 20,746. The S&P-500 added 4.67%, which is a surge of 101 points, or 4.2%, near 2,487.

The Nasdaq Composite Index gained 5.14% was trading close to 7,210, an incline of 305 points or 4.4%. The Federal Reserve reported it is providing assistance to business units having a challenging time getting the short-term funding they need to keep producing.

The Fed provided a special credit facility to purchase corporate paper from issuers that have been having a difficult time attracting market demand.

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