U.S. Daily Market Review 6.12.19

U.S. stocks and shares rallied today as a strong jobs report and comments from President Donald Trump on trade talks with China influenced the markets.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average inclined 284.78 points, or 1.03%, at 27,962.57.

The S&P-500 surged 27.56 points, or 0.88%, at 3,144.99 and the Nasdaq Composite soared 80.37 points, or 0.94%, at 8,651.07.

The U.S. trade deficit sunk October to its bottom of the last year as exports and imports both slid for the month, according to the Commerce Department.

The deficit retreated 7.6% to $47.2 billion from a revised print of $51.1 billion for September.

U.S. job growth advanced by the most in 10 months in November as former striking workers returned to General Motors.

The jobs market advance comes with nonfarm payrolls jumping 266,000 and the unemployment rate sinking to 3.5%, as shown by the data of the Labor Department.

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